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[15] the GazettE:
[5] Ruki
[4] Uruha
[3] Aoi
[2] Reita
[1] Kai

Photobucket Photobucket

The rest
01. Photobucket 02. Photobucket 03. Photobucket
04. Photobucket 05. Photobucket 06. Photobucket
07. Photobucket 08. Photobucket 09. Photobucket
10. Photobucket 11. Photobucket 12. Photobucket
13. Photobucket 14. Photobucket 15. Photobucket

Feel free to use them, but please comment and credit. Thanks ♥
Date: 2008-01-24 07:48 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
These are gorgeus..... I'm taking all of them <3
crediting if used <3
Date: 2008-01-25 03:42 am (UTC)

From: (Anonymous)
i'm taking all of it..
Date: 2008-01-24 07:59 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
beautiful! *o*
Will credit when used ♥
Date: 2008-01-24 10:38 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
feels like I change icons alot today! XD haha lol
well I'm defenatly taking the ruki 'lick it' one <3333
Very pretty icons! <3 :DD
Date: 2008-01-24 10:48 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
Grabbed the Uruha ones. He looks sexy o_o
Date: 2008-01-24 10:50 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
i wish i could make icon like these...good job!!
Date: 2008-01-24 11:22 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
Yay, I've been looking for some!! Thanks, I took some and will credit.
Date: 2008-01-27 02:33 am (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
Oh duh o.o

What is wrong with me? Srsly, that was a n00b mistake. Ahh! Sorry =P
Date: 2008-01-25 04:58 am (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
pretty icons! thanks
Date: 2008-01-25 05:53 am (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
cool icons! took all uruha's~
Date: 2008-01-25 01:57 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
Geat icons!!
thank u^^
Date: 2008-01-25 09:16 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
i really like them all 6___^ took some, will credit of course thanks ^_____^
*awesome pv neee?*
Date: 2008-01-26 05:53 am (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
Thank you!! These icons look so lovely~ <3 ^^ I'm taking #7 and 11 Thank you again and will credit ^^
Date: 2008-01-27 01:45 am (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
The icons are so awesome!
Credited. :)

The pv has so many good shots of Gazette!
Date: 2008-01-27 12:51 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
took ruki's

thanks a lot <3
Date: 2008-01-30 05:19 am (UTC)

From: (Anonymous)
D: ZOMG! So pretty! ^^ Where are these from? Like a video I somehow missed out on? ;-;
If someone knows, can you please send me a message at gazerock_love@hotmail?
*^-^* Taking a couple! Thank you so much! I'll credit you if I use them anywher~
Date: 2008-01-30 10:40 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
I took a few. Thank you.
Date: 2008-02-06 01:34 am (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
MOAR KAI, that is all.

I be taking some. ;D
Date: 2008-05-27 04:30 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
Those are GORGOEOUS!!!!
Thanks a lotttt...
Going to take some and will credit you if I use thime. =D
Date: 2008-06-23 03:24 am (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
Lovely. I'm taking several~

Will credit when used. <3
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